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Serving all of Canada with our office in British Columbia in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.  Boost leads with targeted advertising campaigns that don’t break the bank.

Our Mission

Igniting brand passion and fueling through innovative advertising solutions and exceptional customer service. Bollen Media Group full-service agency specializes in local advertising for small to large businesses.  If you are a one person businesses, we will take you as seriously as we would a large franchise.  That is our promise.

Our Marketing Solutions

Website Development

A great website is the cornerstone of a strong online presence, serving as a digital storefront, information hub, and customer engagement platform.  A well-designed is vital to every business.  Let us create an incredible website for you.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimizing is so important for any business that needs stay one step ahead of their competition and for customers or clients to easily find them on the web.  This is often the first step in an advertising campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the key to unlocking your brand’s online potential, allowing you to connect with your audience, build relationships, and drive business result.

Pay Per Click

PPC has to do two things:
1. Get an eye catching image, video or statement in front of your potential customers or clients.
2. Get your audience to click  on that eye catching ad.
By doing these two things your chance of having customer positive action (CPA) is increased by 60%.  Bollen Media Group can do that for you.

Direct Mail, Print Marketing & Outdoor Advertising

We can create flyers, coupons, postcard ads, posters and signage for you.  Believe it or not Direct mail market still drive better result then online marketing and is the quickest way to increase your customer base.


Do you have a lot of knowledge that needs to get out?  Whether it’s religious, positive life coaching, sports talk,  let Bollen Media provide you with the room and equipment. And yes, we will help you with topics and scripts.

Internet Video Commercials

This is what we love to do.  Creating short commercials for YouTube and all Social Media really engages the viewer, making them excited to use your products or services or hearing your message.

Audio Commercials

Whether it is for Spotify, Amazon or local radio, we can create an ear catching ad that will bring clients or customers to you.


We will help you and guild you with not only your product placement and advertising needs we can also help you with creating names and logos for new products, designing the layout of your storefront and or giving your businesses a whole new look.


Why Choose Bollen Media


Customized Solutions

Visibility is the name of the game, but every business has different needs. We tailor our solutions to yours.

Personalized Service

Our team will strategize with you and implement the right tactics and platforms to make your business shine.

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Multiple Industries

Our expertise spans local service businesses, product sales, online businesses, enterprise solutions, and more.

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Let us help you boost leads, sales, and your bottom line.